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My Exciting Eco Adventure in Costa Rica

Luxury Travel Advisor, Karen Kilyk, recently went in search of eco adventure in Costa Rica. She found everything from rafting and zip lining to hanging bridges and hot springs, making Costa Rica a perfect vacation ..

Insider Tips to Explore Japan with Ease and Confidence

explore Japan

Liza Pitzer, Director of Covington’s Business Travel Services, is a big fan of Japan. She recently made her third trip there and shares some helpful tips to help you explore Japan with ease and confidence. ..

How to Make Your Travels Taste Better with VizEat


“Cooking an authentic Italian meal at our host’s home, and then sharing it al fresco with a stunning view of the Tuscan hills was a truly local experience we’ll treasure forever.” If that whets your ..

7 Remarkable Places to Find Luxury Adventures in Canada

The words “adventure travel” often conjure up images of dangerous rock climbing and wild water kayaking, but even if your risk tolerance is about 0.75 on a 10-point scale, you can still enjoy adventures in ..

Why Solo Cruising is the Perfect Solution to Traveling Alone

Traveling alone has benefits: you get to see and do what you want; you set your own pace; you don’t have to consult anyone on where to eat. But solo travel is also a little ..

What is a Managed Travel Program and How Can it Help You?

It’s widely accepted that travel is conducive to business success. Among other things, it’s beneficial to sales, education, and networking. Because it is so important, travel is typically the second or third largest expense for ..

How to Make Layovers Fun in the Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

Lisa Pitzer, Director of Business Travel Services at Covington shares her take on the Turkish Airlines lounge Istanbul. On a recent trip to Asia, I had a long layover in Istanbul in both directions. Because I ..

Top 8 Captivating Things to Do in Cozumel

Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island lying 12 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula in the Western Caribbean. It’s a laid back alternative to splashy Cancun 40 miles north and the resort-dotted Riviera Maya, although visitors still ..

21 Fascinating Facts about Hawaii that Will Surprise You

Hawaii is an amazingly beautiful Pacific island paradise where everyone will find something they enjoy. From beaches and Polynesian culture to rare orchids and rain forests, each island is unique with its own special places ..

How to Spend a Fun Day Watching Japanese Baseball

Japanese baseball

Lisa Pitzer, Manager of Corporate Services and one of Covington’s biggest baseball fans, contributed her story about her first-hand Japanese baseball experience. If you’re a baseball fan, you probably know that baseball is big in ..