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Everything You Need to Know About Royal Caribbean Weddings

Royal Caribbean weddings

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now begins the exciting time of planning the wedding of your dreams. Imagine sealing your commitment to one another with a romantic sunset sinking into the sea as a back drop. Or ..

Reviews of 7 Cuban Hotels that Will Make You Want to Visit

If you’ve ever traveled with a travel advisor, you’ve undoubtedly heard, “Let’s just pop into this hotel and have a look around the lobby.” Or maybe, “I’d like to have lunch at so-and-so hotel to ..

These Overwater Bungalows Will Make You Want to Ditch Your 9-to-5

Once upon a time, back in the late 1950s, there were three young men who shared an apartment in Newport Beach, California. They worked as a stock broker, an attorney, and a salesman; all three ..

This is What You Need to Know about American Travel to Cuba

travel to Cuba

In July, 11 Covington staff representing our Business Travel, Meetings & Events, and Vacation Travel divisions traveled together to Cuba. During the planning and execution of the trip, we gleaned some first-hand tips to pass ..

This is What We Did for a Week in Awesome Asheville

Rhona Arenstein (R), vacation advisor at Covington Travel, recently took a family trip to Asheville, North Carolina and shares their favorite experiences. I had an incredibly enjoyable week with my family this summer in Asheville, ..

The Best Way to Explore Europe’s Most Delightful Musical Cities

musical cities

As the Vienna Symphony Orchestra performed, the achingly delicate strains of the violin virtuoso floated magically through the air like a bird soaring effortlessly on the thermal winds. At the Vienna State Opera House, Rigoletto’s ..

The Captivating Faces of Cuba Will Make You Smile

faces of Cuba

The warm Caribbean breezes blow the last of the day’s heat away. The sky transforms from a cloudless azure into a mélange of color as the sun melts behind the crumbling buildings of Havana. Then ..

4 Ways to Make Traveling with Your Elderly Parent Better

traveling with your elderly parent

Most of us agree that family vacations are a grand thing. The mere words conjure up images of your toddler’s first trip to the ocean or that magical excitement when your child met Mickey. We ..

Which Kind of Wellness Traveler Are You?

A common perception of a “wellness traveler” is someone who is determined to sweat and starve themselves into weight loss at a fat camp. Or maybe you think of a wellness traveler as a diva ..

One&Only Resorts – Unique Luxury from the Beach to the Mountains

One&Only Resorts are award winning beach resorts, and premier urban and nature resorts located in exceptionally beautiful locations around the world. They are perfect destinations for discerning travelers who want to spend idyllic time with ..