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Travel technology has taken a giant leap forward, and Covington has consistently stayed at the forefront of the industry by providing the most advanced travel solutions.For those who prefer to book their own travel, Covington provides access to two online booking tools. Each one allows users to research and book reservations 24/7 via a secure, dedicated business site that has been configured with your company’s travel policies.


In addition to air, car and hotel, Concur users can also reserve airport parking, dining and entertainment. Concur also provides an expense reporting tool.

Deem @ Work

(formerly known as Rearden Personal Assistant)

In addition to air, car and hotel, Deem users can also reserve airport parking, entertainment and package shipping.

Deem interfaces with and owns the ExpenseWire® expense reporting tool, and it is compatible  with most expense reporting solutions.

Our innovative technology tools allow us to upgrade the travel experience while ensuring maximum cost and time efficiency.

Maestro Traveler Profile Tool

Covington’s proprietary profile maintenance tool was developed in-house to satisfy our strict data requirements. Maestro has two-way synchronization capabilities with our global distribution system and our suite of online booking solutions, ensuring that you never have to answer the same question twice.

Quality Control Tools

To ensure that all bookings are correct, Covington uses a series of customized systems which include a seat and fare checker, unused ticket tracking, pre-trip reporting and more.

Online and Mobile Applications

Travelers can take advantage of online itinerary tracking that also synchronizes with mobile devices to provide updates and notifications on the road.

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