How Affordable is a Luxury Villa Vacation? Surprisingly So.

luxury villaRecently, I overheard some gossip as I was shopping. “Did you hear that Mary Jane and Tom rented a private villa for their family vacation in St. Maarten? They must be doing very well!” I smiled to myself and kept browsing because I know something those gossips don’t: Luxury villas are not only for glamorous celebrities, business moguls, and jet-setting tycoons. While renting a private villa is indeed an exclusive vacation experience, it can also be surprisingly affordable!

How much does it cost to rent a private luxury villa?

As with any travel arrangements, renting a villa has variables such as size, style, location and amenities that affect the cost. The number of bedrooms and how many people the villa can sleep is an important factor. Luxury villas range from one-bedroom luxury townhouses to sprawling 25-bedroom country estates, so there is no standard price. Some homes may be staffed with a cook, gardener and housekeeper while others may make those optional for an additional cost.

luxury villa

You can stay in this unique 2-bedroom apartment in a landmarked Florentine palazzo for
less than half of the cost of a luxury hotel in the historical city center.

Renting a private luxury villa can be a superb value, especially for multiple travelers and family groups. Villas are priced per night for the entire property, not per room like a hotel. As an example, a luxury hotel may conservatively cost $450 per room, per night, but a lovely three-bedroom private villa with the same amenities and services might cost $750 per night. That’s a savings of $600 per night!

Dividing the total rental over multiple travelers makes the price even more competitive. That $750 per night equates to only $125 per person (based on six) per night for a three-bedroom private oceanfront residence with a pool in Barbados or an 18th-century stone farmhouse overlooking the vineyards in Tuscany. What a steal!

luxury villa

This amazing luxury villa complex accommodates up to 50 guests on a private island!
Spoiler alert: This one takes deep pockets.

Of course, if the word ‘budget’ isn’t in your vocabulary and cost is not a factor, there are amazing private residences that can accommodate you and several dozen of your closest friends. You might consider a luxury private island off the coast of Grenada that sleeps 50 (from $30,000/night), a 17 bedroom chateau in Normandy, complete with towers and moats (from €9,000/night), or a sprawling, 20,000-square-foot, private, oceanfront estate in Punta de Mita, Mexico (from $12,500/night).

luxury villa

This elegant and very affordable 4-bedroom luxury villa in Costa Rica is perfect for a family or group of friends.

Don’t despair! If those examples seem like a bit more villa than you need or your wallet will bear, there are plenty of exclusive luxury villas that won’t break the bank. How about an elegant four-bedroom home in Costa Rica with a gourmet kitchen, spacious indoor and outdoor living areas, and a private pool with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean (from $90/night – for the whole house!)? Or a three-bedroom luxury oceanfront residence at Waikoloa on the Big Island (from $295/night – that’s less than $100 per room!)?

You, too, can enjoy elite accommodations in a private luxury villa, just like celebrity A-listers and those privileged people who have a personal pilot on call. You can actually start browsing for the perfect luxury villa right now. Then contact a Covington Vacation Advisor to make all the arrangements.

luxury villa

Covington Travel is pleased to partner with Travel Impressions, a high-quality tour operator and a member of the Virtuoso network. Their portfolio has over 1,800 luxury villas in more than 37 countries around the world—including a vast quantity in Hawaii, Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean. The private properties are personally vetted and professionally managed. The Villa Experience by Travel Impressions has just announced a partnership with industry leader, Villas of Distinction to offer an even greater range of options in luxury accommodations.

Prices are accurate at time of publishing but are subject to change, seasonality, and availability. 

All images courtesy of  The Villa Experience by Travel Impressions.


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