15 Unexpected Things That Are Missing on Viking Cruises

things missing on Viking CruisesFor a cruise line that consistently garners accolades for both river cruising and small ship ocean cruising, there are quite a lot of things missing on Viking cruises. As it turns out, that is a good thing. Viking doesn’t try to be all things to all people. Instead, the line focuses on delivering meaningful experiences to their guests.

No “Pay-to-Play” Atmosphere

things missing on Viking CruisesThe founder and Chairman of Viking Cruises, Tor Hagen influenced the line’s development and shipboard ambiance. His vision was to create “the thinking man’s cruise” by offering guests plenty of complimentary cultural enrichment opportunities. Viking entertainment is curated for curious, experienced travelers. Guest lecturers provide insight into the region’s history and lifestyle. Cooking demonstrations and destination performances share local cultural traditions. Guests on Viking ships enjoy a destination-focused entertainment atmosphere. Namely, there are …

  • No casinos
  • No umbrella drinks
  • No photographers
  • No art auctions
  • No spa sales pressure‡

No Nickel and Diming

ocean cruiseGuests aboard Viking’s River and Ocean cruises enjoy a very inclusive pricing structure that even incorporates a complimentary shore excursion in every port of call. On other cruise lines, alternative dining experiences and many guest services incur additional fees. This is especially true of traditional ocean-going vessels, but on Viking River and Viking Ocean, you’ll find …

  • No charge for beer & wine with lunch & dinner
  • No charge for alternative restaurants‡
  • No charge for Wi-Fi†
  • No charge for use of launderettes‡
  • No entrance fee for The Spa‡

No Discomfort Onboard

things misssing on Viking Cruises

Finally, on Viking, your experience will be sophisticated but not stuffy. Award-winning service is personalized and everything from the accommodations to dining to going ashore is designed to be upscale but comfortably casual. The understated elegance of the Scandinavian design offers unprecedented levels of comfort with spacious staterooms and innovative engineering. Viking’s small ships can dock in the heart of small towns, taking you closer to your destination. To ensure your comfort onboard, Viking cruise has …

  • No inside staterooms
  • No smoking
  • No waiting in lines
  • No formal nights, butlers or white gloves
  • No children under 18

Things missing on Viking Cruises is a good thing.

Many agree that by having some typical cruise features missing, Viking actually improves the cruise experience, although Viking doesn’t expect or intend to have universal allure. Again, it’s not for everyone – families with young kids or those who prefer to smoke and gamble during the cruise will find a better fit on another line. But if the concept of an upscale, culturally focused, inclusive cruise appeals to your travel style, get in touch with a Covington cruise expert to find out more about Viking River and Viking Ocean itineraries.

†Connection speeds may vary.
‡Applies to ocean only.

* Disclaimer: Covington is pleased to acknowledge Viking Cruises as a valued partner and sponsor of this post.

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