Covington Travel Recognizes Employees

Covington Travel Recognizes Employees for Loyalty and Service

During our recent company meeting, more commonly known as “SOCA” or the “State of the Covington Address,” Josée Covington, President & CEO, recognized colleagues who are celebrating their 20- and 25-year milestone anniversaries at Covington Travel.

20 years of Service

Kelly Overstreet, Accounting Manager, Covington Travel

Kelly Overstreet

Kelly Overstreet, Accounting Manager.  Prior to joining Covington Travel, Kelly handled Covington’s account at Keiter. She joined Covington as Assistant Manager of Accounting and later assumed the role of Manager of the Accounting Department.

Kelly was instrumental in the success of the Globalware conversion and gallantly assisted in our 12 agency acquisitions from E-USA in Charlottesville to our most charmed acquisition of CrossRoads in Richmond.



Heather Weiler Covington Travel

Heather Weiler

Heather Weiler, Agent/Sales Support. In 1994 Heather joined the Innsbrook office as a corporate agent, hitting the ground running with several years of travel industry experience already under her belt. Eventually, she became an on-site agent for a Covington client, handling their travel needs exclusively, until the company moved travel management to their Paris office.

Heather returned to Innsbrook in 2003 as an agent and later moved to our SAC department in 2013, where she handles difficult (booking) situations for our agents in three offices and two on-sites. The combination of her knowledge of corporate travel, her unmoving persistence and her engaging personality is a recipe for achieving successful results for our traveling clients.


25 years of Service

Holly Foster Covington Travel

Holly Foster

Holly Foster, Accounting Assistant. Holly began her career at Covington as a leisure travel agent at our James Center location. Since her heart was really in accounting, as soon as there was an opening, she transitioned to the accounting department at the Innsbrook Office.

While at Covington, Holly has contributed to the conversion of two different accounting systems and is our in-house expert on ARC.  She is also commended for her professionalism, strong team spirit and great work ethic.



Jennie Hynson Covingon Travel

Jennie Hynson

Jennie Hynson, Administrative Assistant. With 30 years of travel experience, Jennie has spent 25 at Covington Travel.

She has varied responsibilities as Josée Covington’s Administrative Assistant, in-house graphic designer, and a member of the Covington Meetings and Events team.

As part of her CM&E role, she develops Online Registration websites and client documents. Ready for any creative challenge, Jennie is very talented and thrives for perfection with every assignment and project.