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Business Travel Topics

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Concur Helps Simplify  to your Business Travel

Covington is proud to partner with Concur in order to bring your company an online solution for your air, car, hotel, and rail bookings. By managing your own travel bookings through Concur, businesses of all sizes can control costs and contain risks. Read more about the advantages of self-booking travel arrangements with Concur.

What I Did in Tokyo That Will Make You Want to Go There

This summer, I enjoyed an incredible experience in Tokyo! I was invited to participate in a trip sponsored by ANA, Shangri-La Hotels, and the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority. It was organized so that a group of travel professionals could experience Tokyo firsthand and share what we learned with our clients. Let me tell you what I did there and I’m sure you’ll want to visit, too.  Read more about Lisa’s Tokyo experiences on our Travel Maestro blog.

How to Implement Strategic Meeting Management in Your Company

At the recent Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) annual convention, there was a wide range of educational content available. Several sessions focused on the subject of Strategic Meeting Management (SMM), a very apt topic for the world’s largest meeting on business travel management. Learn more about how to implement a meeting management program.

Highlights from 2016 GBTA Conference

The theme for this year’s GBTA Convention was “Balance,” which aptly describes today’s business travel environment where both buyers and sellers of travel services must balance many different priorities. These concerns range from Duty of Care and Risk Management to incorporating new booking technologies to help better manage travel costs and ensure travel policy compliance. Read More

Is Booking Hotels Direct Really in Your Best Interest?

Over the last couple months, major hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG have launched independent marketing campaigns to woo travelers into booking hotels direct – but is booking direct really in the best interest of the business traveler? Read More

Connectivity is Key for Business Travelers

Ask any business traveler about their favorite travel apps and you’ll likely receive a wide range of responses. From advance boarding passes to updated flight itineraries, local weather conditions to the best dining options, expense management and even shared ride service apps like Uber and Lyft, business travelers are clearly focused on making their time on the road as productive and efficient as possible. Read more

Which Trusted Traveler Program is Right for You?

Department of Homeland Services (DHS) operates four separate Trusted Traveler programs designed to make the airport security process and entry into the U.S. more efficient for approved members. Each program has a different travel security focus, so we’ve compiled a comparison to help you determine which Trusted Traveler program is right for you. In addition, we’ve included a simple chart of the major features of each program for quick reference. Read More

Trip Lingo – Keeping International Travelers Safe, Productive and Savvy

If you travel internationally, either regularly or only occasionally, Trip Lingo is a must-have travel app. The award-winning platform provides travelers tools to deal with language, culture and other barriers abroad with ease and assurance.

In addition to being a brilliant resource to an individual traveler, Trip Lingo supports enterprise travel management through cost reduction, upholding Duty of Care obligations and ultimately keeping travelers safe, productive and savvy during international trips. Read More

Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care

Travel risk management is a hot topic in corporate travel management – and for good reason. Beyond a moral responsibility to keep employees out of harm’s way, organizations have a legal obligation to do so. Laws hold a company responsible for the safety and security of its employees while they are working.

This is known as duty of care and it specifically applies when employees are traveling for business purposes. It should be noted that duty of care applies not only to foreign travel, but also local and domestic travel. Read More

Are you watching your airfares in 3-D?

Businesses pay close attention to obtaining the lowest airfare when making reservations. Searching multiple sources for the lowest price has become a way of life for corporate planners and travelers, but securing the lowest fare is only one dimension of the 3-D concept to save on total airline travel expenditures. Businesses often overlook the other two important dimensions. Read more

Unused Tickets: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Have you ever had to cancel a nonrefundable airline ticket?  Are you aware that unless you use that ticket within a year, that money is lost? Did you know that any cancelled ticket booked with Covington is tracked, and every attempt is made to utilize that ticket towards future travel? Read more

Five Benefits of Managed Travel

Whether your company is small or large, managed travel is much more than having a travel policy. It’s about having a professional partner who you can depend on for accurate and timely information. It’s about getting assistance and ideas for cost containment. Most importantly, it’s about relationships. Read more

The Rising Trend of Women Only Hotel Floors

Did you know that women make up between 40-50% of all business travel? As a result of these current trends, hotels have begun to recognize that female travelers appreciate different amenities than their male counterparts, resulting in a growing trend of women-only hotel floors. Read more

Benefits of Sustainability

Many companies are realizing the value of implementing sustainability initiatives because, the benefits are good for business. Implementing a sustainable travel policy for your business can go a long way toward influencing employee travel behavior, but actively educating travelers on ways they can reduce, reuse and recycle in their business travel helps awareness and adoption. Read more

Five Hotel Savings Tips

Did you know that Covington has negotiated corporate rates at thousands of hotels worldwide? Let our buying power work for you. Read more

Ten Mobile Travel Apps

Mobile travel applications can make your time on the road more efficient and relaxed. Here is a short list of some of the best rated mobile apps available today. Read more

Itinerary Calendar Integration for Road Warriors

Covington supports several powerful itinerary management systems that provide up-to-date, comprehensive travel plans at your fingertips. Read More

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