Business Travel Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Business Travel Reporting Solutions and Analysis

Manage your business travel more effectively with Covington’s detailed, easy-to-read reports that tell you:

  • How and where your travel dollars are spent
  • Whether your travel policies achieve your goals
  • When and why opportunities to save money have been missed

Our business travel reporting solutions ensure that you always know how your business travel budget is performing. We’ve provided a few sample reports below.

  • Summary Reports —Receive a high-level view of travel data, based on the information that’s important to you. Sample: Executive Summary-ABC Corporation
  • Cost Containment Reports—Monthly reports identify opportunities for managing overspend. You can take advantage of our negotiated rates with vendors in addition to your own, to ensure the best value for every dollar.
  • Benchmarking— Covington compares your program to other companies’ performance to help gauge and improve your ROI.
  • Business Reporting—Covington provides monthly or quarterly data configured to your specific parameters.
  • Unused Ticket Tracking—We keep track of unused non-refundable tickets purchased through Covington. Unused, exchanged and refunded tickets are recorded on individual traveler profiles and available for view online. Values, expiration dates and airlines are noted, so they don’t go to waste. Sample: Unused Ticket Report – ABC Corporation
  • Carbon Footprint Calculations—Support your organization’s green initiatives with reports that estimate CO2 emissions related to air, hotel and car bookings.
    Sample: Combined CO2 Summary – ABC Corporation
  • Travets™—This graphics app provides a visual snapshot of the data and allows users to view targeted areas of their travel program in rotating pie charts, interactive maps and graphs.

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