Global Traveler Support

Global Traveler Support

Global Traveler Support

Nobody can predict the future but you can plan for it. In the current travel environment, it’s important to know where travelers are and how to assist them in any situation. Among Covington’s comprehensive risk-management strategies, we provide world-wide global traveler support—whether they’re traveling to high-risk destinations or when a strike or bankruptcy threatens travel plans.

Whenever an issue arises, Covington immediately identifies:

  • Travelers booked into or out of troubled destinations or regions
  • Travelers on specific flights or at particular hotels
  • Anyone whose future plans might take them through an affected area
  • Users of a supplier or vendor at risk of a strike, bankruptcy, etc.

Within minutes of our notification that an unexpected situation has occurred, Covington generates information about all travelers who might be affected. We immediately alert the proper members of your team and collaborate on a solution.

Covington also recommends trip insurance through a reputable provider for all of your business travel. Find out more about trip insurance.  In addition to individual coverage, Covington offers access to corporate umbrella policies.

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