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Event Planning

Event Planning 

Planning a meeting is time-consuming, hard work.

That’s why so many organizations look to Covington’s professional meeting and event planners. We understand what resonates with attendees—and what doesn’t. We put our practical, responsive experience to work by planning your perfect meeting.

Most importantly, we’ve spent decades honing our skills, creativity, and process.

In order to ensure a streamlined planning and flawless execution, our event management professionals follow a clearly defined process:

Consulting and Scoping

  • A successful event, meeting or travel incentive program starts with well-defined goals. Our meeting and event planners will help you identify achievable, quantifiable goals, a compelling theme, tactics and budget needs for achieving your objectives.

Site Selection

  • With an incredible breadth of site knowledge, your Covington event planner can help you pinpoint the ideal location and venue for your event. We provide destination research, field vendor proposals, compare costs and negotiate contracts on your behalf.


  • Our reputation in the industry guarantees a strong bottom line and a strong return on your investment. You’ll enjoy volume discounts offered through our partners for travel, food and beverage, lodging, activity, and entertainment.

Planning Details

  • Throughout the process, our event planning professionals help you make decisions and address the thousands of tiny details that will contribute to your event’s success—always tracking the budget and keeping your overall goals in mind.

Marketing and Registration

  • Our online technology makes it easy to post and manage an effective event website with online registration and payment processing. Up-to-date reports ensure that you always know who’s attending.

Your Meeting

  • Once the meeting is underway, we’ll handle room setups, multi-media equipment, speaker needs, attendee gifts and more, so you can focus on higher-level tasks and network with key attendees.

After the Event

  • We’ll provide final bill reconciliation and reporting, as well as attendee surveys, so you can see how your investment performed.

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