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Onsite Registrar

What is Onsite Registrar?

Have you considered providing professional looking name tags to your last-minute attendees?

Covington Meetings & Events provides this service with their onsite registrar which is often part of a larger team of registration desk staff.

No more hand-written name tags – only professionally printed ones. It is also important to select fonts that are easy to read. In addition to creating the name tags, the registrar can process online registration and collect fees. The client only pays for a secure internet connection. CME provides the necessary equipment.

Sometimes the onsite registrar handles room reservations. During a recent meeting organized by CME, attendees registered online while en-route to their destination. Email notifications alerted the registration desk staff to quickly reserve a room for guests before they arrived. Fortunately, rooms were available and the attendees felt like VIPs with a room with a name tag ready and waiting.

According to Lisa Michalski, Director of Operations and Conferences of New Canaan Society, “The CME Onsite Registrar has provided us with all of the benefits of a turnkey service… information and efficiency are critical for our rapidly changing and flexible retreat planning process.  I don’t know how we could manage without the CME Onsite Registrar!”