Last-Minute Meeting

Planning a Last-Minute Meeting?

Clocks-webHave you ever been faced with pulling together a meeting within 45 days?  Recently one of our clients needed assistance with registering attendees for an event that was still in the planning stages. No problem—Covington Meetings & Events created an online event registration form and when all of the event details were finalized, we proceeded to accept online registrations and payments the same day!

As a result, our client no longer needed to be concerned about:

  • Dedicating man-hours to take registrations and payments over the phone
  • Trying to read fuzzy faxes or sorting and responding to email communications
  • Preparing and sending confirmations and receipts to registrants
  • Collecting data and creating spreadsheets for registration analysis

By utilizing Covington Meetings & Events’ online registration assistance, our client received a quick turnaround, an online registration form, payment processing and 24/7 online access to real-time attendee data. While we handled all of the registration details, they could concentrate on finalizing the agenda for the imminent meeting.

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