Website for Your Event

A Website for Your Event: An Affordable Solution

Organizing and managing an event manually can be very time and labor intensive. How much time do you spend repeatedly answering the same questions from attendees on attire, agenda or guest policies? How do you communicate a change to the agenda after half of your attendees have registered? How do you handle individual hotel or transportation deviation requests? Your time is worth money and an event website may be more affordable than you think.  Ferguson-Site_Web

An event website allows your invitees to:
•Have 24/7 access to event information from any computer with internet access
•Easily register for the event electronically and modify the registration online without contacting anyone via email or phone.
•View the most up-to-date agenda, speaker information, pricing, etc.
•Process payments via a secure, encrypted website and automatically receive an email confirmation (if applicable)

Benefits to the event organizer:
•24/7 access to real-time attendee registration data which is exportable into Excel from any computer with internet access
•Required input fields insure that all necessary data is collected from attendees
•No fuzzy or hard-to-read attendee registration forms
•No manual data entry into spreadsheets
•Know who’s coming, but more importantly who’s not coming so you can reduce attendee counts and have less attrition

Covington Meetings & Events can:
•Design and produce a single-page or multi-page customized website with an online registration form
•Pre-populate data into the online registration form while utilizing “hide/show” technology so attendees only see pertinent information
•Provide multiple custom question formats, i.e. radio buttons, check boxes, text boxes, drop downs, etc.
•Provide personalized invitations, confirmations and updates via email with graphics and attachments
•Provide automated email functions:
•To send email invitations continuously as invitees are added
•To track emails and get notifications of rejected emails
•To send reminder emails to those not registered, either on a schedule or on demand
•To send alert emails to all or specific attendees on demand

•Provide telephone support for registration services to both attendees and planners
•Maintain a current database of event participants
•Provide room block management with an optional roommate matching feature
•Provide Travel Management for transportation via plane, train or automobile
•Process live credit card transactions or other user-defined payment options
•Provide promotional codes for registration discounts
•Incorporate password protection into the website
•Provide an Events Calendar for planners showing all company activities
•Provide a personalized or semi-personalized domain name

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