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Meeting Management

Did you know that you can maximize savings and gain greater visibility with our meeting services?

Covington’s Meeting Management team works in tandem with you to determine all needs, including risk management considerations. Our team can orchestrate your complete meeting from start to finish, or pitch in just where needed. With our professionals working behind the scenes, you’re free to focus on more important business matters while your company shines.

At Covington, we recognize that different messages are best delivered in specific ways, and apply this expertise to every engagement. What’s more, our thorough attention to every detail assures that attendees are free to concentrate on the information at hand.

Powerful Technology for Simple Meetings and Event Management

As an extension of our meeting services, Covington has a new partnership with Groupize which offers our clients an innovative solution for managing simple corporate meetings and multi-room reservations. Groupize was the winner of Phocuswright Innovation Award and named BTN Top 25 Most Influential of 2017. It is revolutionizing meetings technology with self-service solutions that reduce the complexity of starting, sourcing, managing and measuring simple meetings.

“Covington Travel is excited to join forces with Groupize to provide our clients with a simple and effective tool for managing small meetings and events,” explains Paul Covington, the company’s C.F.O. & C.I.O.

“This is an efficient sourcing tool for meeting travel arrangers that improves productivity and response time while decreasing costs. Offering corporations one solution for all users will, in turn, provide full visibility, compliance, and data for the organization. This partnership is consistent with our commitment to building lasting client relationships by offering leading-edge technology solutions and continually striving to go that extra mile in serving our clients.” Read more about the powerful technology for simple meetings and event management.

Covington is well versed in planning a variety of meetings, including:

Sales Meetings

  • These opportunities to review sales strategies and impart new knowledge often include a wide variety of activities and events, such as general sessions with professional speakers and break-out meetings for the discussion of specific topics. Group meals are key—encouraging networking, peer learning and relationship building, and special attention paid to top performers provides them with the incentive to continue their good work.

Board of Directors Meetings

  • These highly polished sessions focus at the highest strategic levels, guiding company policies and visionary concepts. Participants arrive with high expectations, and the Covington team knows how to meet them.

Training Sessions

  • In an effort to help attendees focus on sharing educational material, Covington often recommends holding training meetings at remote locations with limited distractions, or at easily accessed airport hotels. The site’s technology resources are generally integral to a successful meeting.

Stockholder Annual Meetings

  • These meetings usually bring together a diverse group to attend presentations by company officials. Multi-media elements play an important role in delivering the message. Sometimes these events can be controversial, requiring the services of security and media relations experts.

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