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As luxury travel continues to expand, new travel trends and destinations are emerging. In a world of climate change and unsettling politics, travelers in 2020 are seizing the day and prioritizing trips now. Upscale travelers are powered to believe that customized experiences are the best investment of their money and time, according to the latest Virtuoso® Luxe Report.

Emerging  Trends for 2020*: 

Untouristed and Unexpected: With some favorite destinations seeing an untenable rise in demand, the well-traveled luxury set is seeking remote, unspoiled destinations to avoid crowds at over-touristed locales.

Country Coupling: Travelers are looking to explore multiple countries, even during shorter journeys, according to the report.

Tasty Travels: Culinary travel has transcended a trend to become its own niche, Virtuoso said. Culinary experiences go beyond restaurants to encompass cooking classes, eating in private homes, Michelin-starred restaurants, farm-to-table visits and truffle hunting.

Group Getaways: Gen X-ers, Boomers and even Matures are traveling to bond with friends and others who share passions or are at the same life stage. Women’s travel is on the rise as well, including soft adventure trips and affluent girl getaways.

EQ Encounters: Today’s traveler is seeking more profound experiences leading to increased emotional intelligence, Virtuoso said. Travelers want accommodations that reflect the destination – inns full of character, small neighborhood hotels and private homes.

Enjoying the Journey: According to the study, upscale travelers are using exclusive services, including meet-and-greets planeside, to avoid the stress of changing terminals, locating gates or waiting in customs lines.

Whether your travel dreams take you to the Great Barrier Reef or a culinary trip to Italy, our advisors can customize your vacation.  Whether it is a simple weekend getaway or a complex itinerary, our dedicated travel advisors are delighted to work with you.

*Virtuoso’s 2020 Luxe Report

2020 Top Travel Destinations 

In terms of destinations, Italy continues to be the global favorite, as well as the top spot for solo travelers, while slipping to second place in the honeymoon and family travel categories. Croatia heads the list of emerging destinations due to the “Game of Thrones effect” as well as its rich history and convenience to other major European hubs.

Antarctica, poised for a big year, takes the top spot for adventure travel from longtime favorite South Africa (now in fourth place) and ranks number two as an emerging destination.

And Greece catapulted into the top five for three categories, including the top spot for Millennials as well as second on the global destinations list and a third-place for honeymoons.

Top Emerging Destinations

  1. Croatia
  2. Antarctica
  3. Iceland
  4. Japan
  5. Portugal

Top Family Destinations

  1. Hawaii
  2. Italy
  3. Orlando
  4. Costa Rica
  5. England

Top Millennial Destinations

  1. Greece
  2. Bali
  3. Croatia
  4. Iceland
  5. Cambodia


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