Hawaii Family Vacation

Hawaii Family Vacation

Hawaii Family Vacation: Extraordinary Lifetime Memory

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Covington team for an outstanding job in helping me plan & enjoy my Hawaii vacation. I haven’t traveled in almost 20 years and things have changed a little since my last venture. I won a trip through my job and I was placed in the caring and capable arms of Jean Riekers to make the arrangements.

From the very start, Jean was more than just a travel agent. She took a real interest in seeing that our family vacation was not only special, but outstanding – one that we would cherish forever. She went beyond what was required to assist us in making the necessary reservations. Once she heard my story, she dove in, heart and all, to make sure that this was something extraordinary for our family.

There are times in life when someone makes an impression on you and you have to take a moment to acknowledge their kindness. I wish to let the Covington family know that Jean is such a person. She is a true asset to your team, not just in the job that she does, but in the heart that goes along with it. You have a jewel. Please give her a big hug from me!

Jean, thank you for everything. You made a special trip into an extraordinary lifetime memory for my family. You’ll never know just how much that means to me. The only words that I can find are simple, but very heartfelt …”Thank You!”

Angie Smethers
Keystone Building Group