Family Vacation to Spain

Family Vacation to Spain

Without question, Covington made the difference in the quality of my family’s trip to Spain. We said several times that “we would be at sea” without our guides, who were able to illuminate the cities we visited in ways we never would have experienced on our own, even with area guide books (of which we had many!).

Not only did they offer practical advice in navigating the city, as well as historical and cultural information, but they communicated the soul of each place we visited in Barcelona, Madrid, Segovia, and Toledo…we could understand the country at a much deeper level, which is one of the many reasons you travel.

The logistics of our trip were also flawless. Every driver and guide showed up precisely on time; we never once had a lost moment at any train station or taxi line. We moved around with complete ease and could focus on the city we were visiting and not spend vital concentration time on how to get places in a foreign country.

Covington will ALWAYS be my first call when we are planning a trip! Thank you, Karen!

Testimonial by Rebecca Horner