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About Us – Covington Travel

Josée Covington, President & CEO

Josée Covington, President & CEO

Serving Global Travelers for 50 Years

Covington Travel began as a two-person travel agency in Richmond, Virginia in 1967, during the era of handwritten airline and cruise tickets, and has grown to be in the top one percent of travel management companies in the United States.

Josée Covington, President & CEO, established the company with the intent of upgrading the travel experience for all travelers, no matter where or why they journey.  As a native of Luxembourg and naturalized U.S. citizen, Josée is fluent in five languages and is a world-wide traveler.



Commitment to Excellence

Covingtons at Luxembourg Embassy in DC

Paul, Josée and Denny Covington

Today, Josée’s sons, Paul and Denny, share in delivering on the Covington commitment to excellence and remaining on the cutting edge of travel trends. As a result, Covington Travel is regularly recognized for tremendous satisfaction among the travelers and planners we serve.

With a staff of over 80 travel professionals, Covington operates three locations in Virginia with three divisons including Vacations, Business Travel, Meetings and Events.

Each division has designated staff invested in the well-being of our clients, no matter the size of the company, the complexity of the meeting’s agenda or the scope of the vacation.

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether working with an individual or a corporation, the Covington team recognizes the importance of focusing on exceptional service and attention to even the smallest detail. We believe an infectious, can-do attitude is the only way to ensure the best possible results every time.

“Nothing is as important as the relationships we build with our clients, our suppliers, and our own colleagues. Not even the bottom line.”

—Josée Covington, President and CEO

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