Unused Airline Tickets

Unused Airline Tickets Provide Value

Do you ever wonder about those airline tickets you purchased but were not used? Where are they? Who is monitoring all of those unused dollars? Did you know that airlines or online companies such as Orbitz and Expedia won’t contact travelers about unused credits? Did you know that Covington will identify and assist you with recovering the value of those tickets?

Covington developed a sophisticated reporting system that identifies all unused tickets and assists in recovering the value of those tickets. Every time a traveler makes a reservation through one of our online booking solutions or directly with our travel advisors, he/she is reminded of their unused airline tickets available for redemption. In addition, individual travelers are alerted by email of the value of their unused ticket in advance of the expiration date.

We also provide comprehensive monthly reports detailing individual unused airline tickets that retain value for future use. For more details, please ask us to view a sample Unused Ticket Report.

By carefully monitoring ticket usage, last year Covington helped its business clients save over $900,000 in unused ticket value!

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