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Travel Planning

Travel Planning

Upgrading the travel experience begins with business travel planning tailored to your needs. Some travelers prefer to see what’s out there and choose for themselves. Others want to leave it to a specialist who knows their preferences. At Covington, we understand. That’s why we offer a variety of planning options that allow you to take advantage of our quality controls and adhere to your company’s requirements.

Full-Service or Online Reservations

With our team of experienced travel advisors and support staff, Covington provides full-service travel management 24 hours a day, every day. Many of our business clients are supported through a call-center approach.  Larger customers are assigned dedicated teams or staffed with an on-site travel department.

Based on your company’s culture, we analyze your needs and determine the most appropriate solutions for your situation. Whatever the arrangement, you can be assured that your business traveler planners are supported by specialists with a great deal of industry knowledge and experience.

For those who prefer to book their own travel, Covington provides access to two web-based tools. Each one allows users to research and book reservations 24/7 via a secure, dedicated business site that has been configured with your company’s travel policies.

Concur®—In addition to air, car and hotel, Concur® users can also reserve airport parking, dining and entertainment. Concur® also provides an expense reporting tool.

Get the best fares and seats, and satisfy your travel policies.

Our comprehensive fare pricing and shopping systems are populated with real-time data from more than 450 airlines worldwide. We integrate rules validation, guaranteed fares, negotiated fares and more from multiple content providers, so you can book with confidence.

In addition, Covington uses a series of customized systems to ensure accuracy and secure the best fares and seats available until the day of departure. These include:

  • Fare Checker—This automated program reviews reservations to ensure that they were booked at the lowest applicable rates, then continually watches for lower fares.
  • Seat Checker—Powerful logic helps secure preferred seating based on up-to-date seat maps.
  • Reservation Rules—Covington systems allow us to ensure adherence to your company’s travel policies.
  • Hotels and Car Rentals—Arranging hotel and car rental reservations is an integral part of our service. There is no fee for making those arrangements.

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