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Josee Covington Selected as 2017 RTD Person of the Year Honoree 

Josee Covington, RTD Person of the Year

Josee Covington, President & Founder of Covington Travel was recognized as RTD Person of the Year Honoree.

President and CEO, Josée Covington has been selected as a 2017 RTD Person of the Year honoree by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

During a Celebration Event on December 5, 2017, Josée was recognized for her achievements along with 24 other honorees who are business leaders, artists, teachers, non-profit leaders and philanthropists in the Richmond community.

Josée’s profile is featured in RTD’s Discover Richmond Magazine which is published on Monday, December 11, 2017 and distributed to over 100,000 subscribers. Continue reading the complete article about Josée Covington, 2017 RTD Person of the Year Honoree.

Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch


Covington Travel Celebrates 50th Birthday

Covington Travel Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Josée Covington and her sons, Denny and Paul run Covington Travel. Photo by Shandell Taylor

In the 1960s Josée Covington wanted to start a travel agency. There was only one problem — she didn’t have any money.

To address this problem, she sent a telegram to her family in Luxembourg, saying, “Starting my own business. Need money. Send me lots.” They did. She used the money to launch Covington Travel in 1967 in a 500-square-foot office in downtown Richmond.

For the complete article:  Covington Travel Celebrates 50th Birthday

Source: Virginia Business, October 1, 2017, Written by Veronica Garabelli


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