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Covington Celebrates 50th Birthday

Covington Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Covington Travel Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Josée Covington, President and CEO appears between her sons, Denny on her left and Paul on her right.

In the 1960s Josée Covington wanted to start a travel agency. There was only one problem — she didn’t have any money.

To address this problem, she sent a telegram to her family in Luxembourg, saying, “Starting my own business. Need money. Send me lots.” They did. She used the money to launch Covington Travel in 1967 in a 500-square-foot office in downtown Richmond.

Fifty years later, the Glen Allen-based company has grown to 84 full-time employees serving more than 300 corporate clients. Profitable since its third year in business, the company is on track to reach $95 million in sales this year.

The biggest challenges currently facing Covington Travel are geopolitical issues impacting how or where people travel. The Zika virus, for example, caused people to avoid trips to impacted countries. However, the company says it was able to find other suitable destinations.

Overall, Covington credits the travel agency’s growth to its employees. “Nobody is ever successful on their own,” she says. “It takes a village, and that’s what we have.”

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Source: Virginia Business Magazine, October 1, 2017, Written by Veronica Garabelli