Josee Covington

Josée Covington 2017 RTD Person of the Year Honoree

Josee Covington, RTD Person of the Year

Josée Covington, President and CEO of Covington Travel

President and CEO, Josée Covington, has been selected as a 2017 Person of the Year honoree by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Josée was recognized for her achievements at a Celebration Event on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, along with 24 other honorees who are business leaders, artists, teachers, non-profit leaders and philanthropists in the Richmond community.

Josée Covington has a pretty simple standard for success in life and in business: “If it can’t bedone right, I’m not going to do it.”

That philosophy — and the perseverance it has required in her line of work — has served her well.

Josée is the founder of Covington Travel, which in 2017 is marking its 50th anniversary. What began in 1967 in a 500-square-foot downtown office is now a three-location travel agency, with 87 employees in the Richmond area and Charlottesville.

Her own favorite travels recently have included Peru, China, Cuba and a trip with her entire family to her native Luxembourg. “That was fun when you introduce your children’s children to family in your native country,” she said.

Two of her three sons work at Covington and will one day take over the business; the other is an attorney. She sees no reason that they won’t succeed. “The business is thriving,” Covington said. “Travel agencies are not going away.”

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Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch