Concur Travel Solution, Online Travel Booking


Concur Travel Solution

For those who prefer to book their own travel, Covington offers the Concur Travel Solution. Concur allows travelers to quickly and conveniently book flights, cars, hotels and rail reservations from a single source via their computer or smartphone. The Concur booking tool is fully configurable and is fully integrated with the Concur Expense Reporting Tool.

Concur offers travelers and travel arrangers the ability to book travel at their convenience, 24 hours a day, using a secure internet-based booking tool. Concur’s website is built according to your company’s travel policy guidelines and clearly indicates when your travelers are booking outside of policy. All company negotiated rates and programs are stored and easily visible within the tool.

Unused ticket information is tracked and highlighted, and all travel reservations are available to view in Concur. Reservations booked in Concur are also visible to Covington’s full-service travel advisors, should the traveler require additional assistance.

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