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6 of the Best Downtown Richmond Hotels for Meetings
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, your hotel is an important part of your visit. Our team recently had the pleasure of touring a few of downtown Richmond’s best properties. If your travels bring you to Richmond or you have need of meeting space here, we hope you consider these fine hotels in some of the best locations around the city. Stay tuned for part two of our Richmond hotel inspections in the spring. Read more

How to Cultivate Mindfulness in Meetings
Meeting organizers who provide delegates opportunities to utilize mindfulness in meetings can expect higher satisfaction with the event, higher engagement, and better reviews. Individuals applying mindfulness techniques gain a sense of control over processing new information and how they conduct themselves. They reduce stress and anxiety, increase concentration and energy, and boost overall wellness. Read more

This is How to Choose Unique Meeting Venues in Richmond, VA
Choosing the right meeting place can make your special event a standout success. Holding an event at a museum, sports facility or gallery offers a distinctive experience for attendees. Richmond, Virginia offers diverse meeting venues such as Brenner Pass in Scotts Addition or the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art. Read more 

Three Practical Ways to Improve Sustainability in Meetings
I am a self-described “Recycling Queen.” As a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), improving sustainability in meetings is always on my mind. I have been recycling plastic name badges for 20+ years, bring my cloth bags into the grocery store when I shop, and I’m proud that my workplace offers paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling.  Read more

Sustainability Standards for Meetings and Events
Savvy companies realize that practicing sustainability is not only good for the planet, it’s good for business. Now a set of nine formal, yet voluntary “sector” standards have been developed to define measurable sustainability specifications for planning and managing events.  Read more

Keys for Successful Executive Retreats
There is little argument that a well-executed off-site meeting for your Board of Directors, Managers or Chief Executives can generate real results. Getting your company’s leadership to disconnect from the pressures of daily operations and the ubiquitous email inbox makes it easier to focus on strategic planning or problem solving and come up with creative solutions. Read more

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