St. Lucia

St. Lucia Vacations

St. Lucia has a mixed French and British heritage, but there’s a hint of the South Pacific about it as well.

A St Lucia_Honeymoon Destinationfavorite stop-off for island-hoppers, honeymooners, yachties and jet-setters, St. Lucia offers volcanic rock beaches, lush fruity landscapes, and a lively nightlife of limbo and jazz.  In addition to an exciting nightlife, St. Lucia has an abundance of natural beauty including stunning black and white beaches, lush mountains,  colorful foliage and exotic wildlife.

St Lucia_Vacation DestinationSt. Lucia Vacations are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching or standing near a waterfall to soak up the mist from its spray. Other activities include whale- and dolphin-watching, snorkeling, kite-sailing, fishing and scuba diving.

Now the site of a Sandals Hotel and interconnected to the St. Lucian “mainland” with a causeway, Pigeon Island offers pleasant panoramas but no longer the sense of isolated privacy that reigned here prior to its development.

The northeast coast is the least visited and least accessible part of St. Lucia, but it contains dramatic rockbound shores interspersed with secret sandy coves. Grand home to some rare bird species and its beaches are nesting grounds for endangered sea turtles.
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