AMS Planning and Research

Responsive, Imaginative & Pleasant

I thought I would take a quick minute to express my appreciation to you and your team for all the help they have provided over the past few weeks.

As it so happened, it was a very heavy travel period for me – 13 trips in two months. I think in every single instance I had some sort of problem – cancellations, missed connections, etc.

Your staff, without exception, was incredible – responsive, imaginative, and pleasant. Quick to follow up and happy to serve. Just the right mix of compassion and humor, depending on the moment. And of course most importantly, knowledgeable, efficient and accurate.

I have probably been on the phone with someone almost every day. As such I can’t single anyone out – in fact that is one thing that I most appreciate about Covington – regardless of who picks up the phone I have the same, positive experience.

With admiration and best regards,

Michele Walter
Managing Director, AMS Planning & Research