How to Not Leave Money on the Table with Unused Airline Tickets

unused airline ticketsRemember that time that you had a last-minute change to your work schedule and you wound up driving to D.C. instead of flying to San Francisco? Or your son got an ear infection and you just couldn’t bear to leave home for three days so you canceled your trip. Or severe weather delayed your flight and you missed the meeting, so there was no need to reschedule at that time. There are many reasons why you might have unused airline tickets but, do you know what happened to them? Are you leaving money on the table?

In the old days, you had an actual paper ticket to remind you, but with today’s electronic ticketing and digital itineraries, an unused airline ticket is out of sight, out of mind. If you travel frequently, you might even have multiple unused airline tickets with different airlines, making them harder to track. To be sure, individual airlines, Orbitz, and Expedia are not going contact you to remind you to use them before they expire. But Covington does!

Covington Reminds You of Unused Airline Tickets

We developed a sophisticated reporting system that identifies all unused airline tickets and assists in recovering the value of those tickets. Every time you make a reservation with Covington, whether directly with one of our travel advisors or through our corporate online booking system, you’ll be reminded of any unused airline tickets available for redemption. We also alert you by email of any unused airline ticket value before the expiration date so that you have the option of applying it to future travel.

For our corporate accounts, Covington provides comprehensive monthly reports detailing individual’s unused airline tickets, their remaining value, and expiration date. The report also shows the value of exchanged, refunded, and expired tickets. You can view a sample Unused Ticket Status Report here. By carefully monitoring ticket usage, last year Covington helped its business clients save over $900,000 in unused ticket value!

Talk to your reservations agent about applying unused tickets to new reservations, or contact our Account Services team to learn more about unused ticket tracking and reporting.

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