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How to Vacation in Hawaii Like Elvis

Every self-respecting Elvis fan knows that Hawaii was near and dear to the King’s heart. He filmed three movies there, performed three concerts in Honolulu, and repeatedly visited the islands on vacation with his family. ..

Remarkable Biblical Sites in Jordan That Will Inspire You

Jordan, located in the heart of the Holy Land, is intrinsically woven into biblical accounts throughout the Old Testament. Biblical sites in Jordan are many: Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden may have been on ..

With Princess MedallionClass™ it’s Like Being a Celebrity

Anyone who has ever vacationed on a cruise comes home wondering if they will be able to adjust to “normal” life without nightly gourmet dining to please their palate, impeccable housekeeping services to clean up ..

5 of the Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in the U.S.

The Japanese have a tradition called hanami, or flower watching, at which they welcome spring by picnicking under the blooming cherry trees. This custom is about admiring the exquisite, yet fleeting beauty of the delicate ..

Azamara’s Unique Features Make It an Excellent Value

Azamara Club Cruises is the younger, more inclusive sister of the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise family. Azamara falls into the boutique luxury category because of their smaller ship size, personalized service style, inclusive amenities, ..

Petra in Jordan is an Amazing Site You Need to Visit Now

Sometimes when you dream of visiting a place for years, see it in movies, and surf Instagram for photos from every angle and in every light, you can feel a little underwhelmed when you finally ..

5 Reasons You Need to Fly Business Class

We’ve all been there – crushed into an economy seat with no leg room and your elbows tucked in tight because your seatmate has commandeered the armrest and then some. Just when you manage to ..

The Best Local Drinks for International Happy Hour – Part 2

In part one of this roundup of favorite adult beverages, we listed 13 cocktails that are the favorite drinks around the world. There are many more national specialty drinks, so this “Extended Bar” rounds out the ..

Cruising Alaska in Luxury with Regent is Breathtaking

visiting Alaska

Alaska is unspoiled, isolated and enormous in scale. It’s one-fifth the size of the entire lower 48; a vast wilderness where you can see brown bears pluck salmon from the rivers and bald eagles soar ..

These are the Most Popular Drinks Around the World

Grab a seat at the bar and let Covington Travel serve up some facts about 25 of the most popular drinks around the world! 1. Argentina: Fernet Fernet is a type of spirit called an ..