How to Make Your Travels Taste Better with VizEat

VizEat“Cooking an authentic Italian meal at our host’s home, and then sharing it al fresco with a stunning view of the Tuscan hills was a truly local experience we’ll treasure forever.” If that whets your appetite for culinary travel, we’ve got your table set! Through our Virtuoso affiliation, Covington Travel now has a partnership with VizEat, an operator that arranges immersive food experiences with 22,000 hosts in more than 110 countries.

A growing trend in luxury travel is an interest in exploring a destination through its food. In addition, travelers increasingly want to learn about a destination’s culture, history, and traditions by engaging in genuine local experiences. VizEat does just that. They bring destinations to life through culinary experiences that connect travelers with the local people and provide insight into their customs and way of life.

Sample VizEat Tours

VizEat hosts welcome individuals and groups into their homes, giving guests a most authentic and personal encounter. Programs include dinners, of course, but also breakfasts, brunches, cooking classes, food tours, wine tastings, rooftop parties and more.

VizEatCooking Class: Paella, Jamón, and Wine in my Barcelona Garden – Are you ready to learn all the secrets of the real Spanish Paella? Not the restaurant one, the one served at our house following our mom’s recipe! – Sara

Visit the Street Market “Saint Charles” in Paris – We will shop and buy some products for our food and wine tasting, then walk back to my place where you will enjoy an unusual view of the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré Coeur. – Natacha

Discover the Beauty of Amsterdam on a Bike – I will take you on a bike tour of the city and we will buy some food and wine, then cycle to my home studio and eat the food together amidst my art. I’ll tell you about my art and give you a unique look behind the scenes at how I manufacture my final pieces. – Petra

Vegetarian, Vegan Moroccan Evening in our Humble Home – We have a beautiful, small but cozy Riad (home) in the heart of the Medina Marrakech. We want you to feel as one of our friends or family, not a guest! – Sahar

Extraordinary Historic Turkish-Ottoman Dishes – Taste the forgotten dishes of the Ottoman Empire served in a warm atmosphere including local music, and talk with an expert of gastronomy and a professor of History of Food. – Hande

Half Day Zen Meditation and Cooking Class, Hanoi – We pick you up at your hotel and shop a local market for fresh ingredients to use in your cooking class. We travel to an organic farm where we cook and meditate together. – Zen

Traditional Home-made Argentine Asado – Participate in creating a typical weekend family Asado (local bbq) that Argentina is famous for, then enjoy a 5-course steak lunch. – Frank

As you can see by this tiny sample of the thousands of VizEat experiences across the globe, food is a gateway to local culture. There’s no better way to really connect with people than to share a meal with them. To take cultural exchange to the next level by meeting people and eating locally, add a VizEat food experience to your next trip. Contact your vacation advisor at Covington Travel for a list of options.


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