The Private Suite Makes the Airport Experience a Delight

The Private SuiteThe airport can be a hectic, stressful place but at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), there is an oasis of calm available. The Private Suite is where you can enjoy an exclusive check-in and boarding experience, far from the crowds and lines.

It’s been calculated that at LAX airport, it takes travelers approximately 2,200 steps from their car to their plane. With the Private Suite experience, that’s reduced to only 70 steps. You don’t walk down the long concourses of the main terminal because The Private Suite is a separate, private terminal. You don’t wait in lines at security because it has its own TSA screening. And you certainly don’t queue up by boarding zone at the gate waiting to get on the plane – read on to find out about the rock star boarding procedure.

It’s All Yours at The Private Suite

The Private Suite

The comfortable suites are supremely well-stocked.

Each of the 13 suites has a comfortable living area with seating, a two-person daybed, and a television. The amenities include a pantry stocked with every conceivable snack from cereal to chips to fruit to gum. A refrigerator holds juices, sodas, beer, cheeses, and guacamole. A fully-stocked mini-bar has anything you might desire and with advance notice, you can even pre-order from favorite L.A. restaurants.

The Private Suite

Nearly any last minute packing need can be fulfilled.

Everything in The Private Suite, with the exception of the TV and furniture, is available for guests to keep. There’s an assortment of electronic accessories available, a toy menu for kids, and a wide range of high-end bath amenities. If you need a fresh dress shirt, tie, cufflinks, shoes, workout clothes, or a raincoat – no problem. If there is anything you need, just pick up the phone and ask. You don’t even have to dial – the phone is instantly answered.

The Private Suite

The outside play space keeps kids happy and occupied.

The Private Suite guests also have access to a shared-use lounge with food service and a bar, conference space, and an outside play space for kids. The individual suites have terrific plane-spotting views and one has its own outdoor terrace.

How Does The Private Suite Work?

The Private Suite

Private TSA security screening means no waiting in line.

Each traveler has a team of eight facilitators assigned to make your airport experience flow without the slightest inconvenience. Guests are admitted to the secure gated compound on the airport grounds, then personally escorted to your suite where you’ll spend your pre-flight time in total privacy. Two team members are on call to manage any special services you may request while there.

The Private Suite

The Private Suite escorts you, literally, from door to door.

When it’s time to board your flight, the aforementioned rock star treatment really begins. A team member escorts you through private TSA screening and into a waiting BMW 7 Series sedan. Your driver whisks you directly across the tarmac to another team member waiting at the jet-bridge to escort you to the aircraft door. Another unseen member of your dedicated team attends to your luggage so you don’t lift a finger.

The Private Suite boarding process is as privileged and stress-free as it can possibly get on a commercial flight. It’s also available in reverse for both domestic and international arriving flights.

What is the Cost of The Private Suite?

The Private Suite

Privacy, efficiency, and service are the hallmarks of The Private Suite

The good news is that anyone can use The Private Suite, although all that exclusivity comes with a price tag. A new partnership with United Airlines offers Private Suite fares to business class travelers in select markets. For $1,250 to $1,495 per person, per flight segment, in addition to the actual airfare, United travelers can utilize The Private Suite. The international markets include LAX to/from Los Cabos, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne, and London. Domestically, Private Suite fares are offered to/from New York, Aspen, and Hawaii. United expects to offer coach-class Private Suite fares in the future.

The Private Suite can also be used by those traveling coach class or with any other airline at LAX by paying the direct rates. With an annual $4,500 membership fee travelers pay $2,700 to $3,000 per segment (includes up to three companions), or without a membership, direct fees are $3,500 to $4,000 per segment (with up to two companions).

The Private Suite plans to open additional facilities in New York and Miami in 2019. If you would enjoy the luxury of a stress-free airport experience in The Private Suite, contact your Covington travel advisor arrange your personal rock star travel experience.

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