This is How to Avoid 3 of the Biggest Travel Mistakes

travel mistakesWe at Covington want to help you to travel well, travel comfortably, and get the most out of each trip you undertake. To that end, here are some things NOT to do. No matter what your reason for travel – cultural immersion, romance, adventure – these three travel mistakes can diminish your overall trip satisfaction. Are you making these travel mistakes?

Travel Mistake #1 – Prioritizing Cost over Value

travel mistakesWhether your vacation budget has three digits or six digits, you want the best value for what you spend. The trick is to understand the difference between raw cost and the value you actually receive.

For example, you may be tempted to save money by using a hotel that’s outside the historic city center. But as they say in real estate, “Location is everything.” If you’re on the city fringes, you’ll have to spend more time traveling to and from the attractions and restaurants that you want to visit. After paying for transportation, you may not save any money after all and you’ll miss out on the intrinsic character and historic ambiance that makes the place so special.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the tremendous value of Virtuoso amenities, available exclusively through Covington Travel’s Virtuoso affiliation. At hundreds of luxury hotels around the globe, our travelers receive special rates, welcome gifts, breakfast included, and early check-in/late check-out privileges. Cruise guests on participating lines enjoy exclusive shore excursions, like-minded onboard hosts, and other extras. These features add significant value to a vacation at no additional cost to the traveler.

Budget is a personal choice and value is subjective, so ultimately, you must weigh the two to make your own decisions. Covington vacation advisors have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to help you make those choices.

Travel Mistake #2 – Wasting Valuable Vacation Time

travel mistakesSome of the world’s treasures are so popular they’re teeming with tourists, so accessing them means long queues and timed visits. But with a private guide, you won’t waste precious vacation time standing in line.
Avoiding both lines and crowds with early or after-hours admission at crowded sites like the Vatican, Machu Picchu, or the Taj Mahal is the ultimate experience. Plus, your private guide will share in-depth knowledge and make history come alive in a way you would never get from a guidebook.

Other exclusive experiences can also save you time and avoid crowds: a private snorkeling trip in Hawaii to an off-the-beaten-path beach, a quick helicopter transfer to your resort, or a meet and greet at the airport to be whisked through a special security lane. Of course, private guides and special services have a cost, but for many, the value far exceeds the cost.

Another way to reduce lines for congested tourist attractions (although not avoid them altogether) is to purchase a city pass. Many cities offer such a pass that includes “skip-the-line” admission to popular museums, monuments, and historical places for a designated number of days. If you visit several of the participating attractions, city passes usually save quite a bit over the individual tickets – and no waiting to buy tickets.

Travel Mistake #3 – Trying to See and Do Too Much

travel mistakesThe third travel mistake many people make is trying to fit too much into their itinerary. If you visit seven European countries in 14 days or try to see all of Australia in a week, you’ll come home exhausted and not remember a thing. There’s wisdom in the old adage, “Take time to smell the roses.”

Put your power shopping on pause and have a conversation with that shopkeeper. Linger in a sidewalk cafĂ© and enjoy the local flavors. Take a break from sightseeing and make time for serendipity. Whether you’re in a foreign country or your own, engaging with the local culture is an experience … THE experience.

Whether you’re traveling on an escorted tour or independently, work with your travel advisor to build an itinerary that includes the sites that are important to you but also allows you time to get to know the customs and traditions of the people who live there. This is what you’ll cherish, not a blur of hotel rooms.

Now that you know what travel mistakes to avoid, you’re ready to take your next vacation. And the expert travel advisors at Covington are ready to help you.

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