This is What We’re Thankful For

thankfulContrary to most of the retail shopping outlets in America, the offices of Covington Travel are not open on Black Friday. That’s because Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of our President and CEO, Josée Covington and one of the ways she expresses her thanks to the Covington staff is by closing our offices so that we can enjoy an extended holiday weekend with family and friends.

We are all thankful for that extra bonding time with loved ones. We also have many other personal reasons to be grateful, so I thought Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to share some of those with our friends and travelers.

I’m Thankful for…

At this time of the year, I ask myself, “Am I grateful?” Am I grateful for family and friends to turn to when a hug is needed or to let off some steam, knowing all will be forgiven? Am I grateful for a work “family” that stands by each other through fun times and tough times? Am I grateful to my loyal clients who trust me to make their travel dreams come true? Am I grateful to be able to visit amazing foreign lands? Then, am I grateful to once again return to this most amazing country we call home? Am I grateful to live with fresh clean drinking water, grocery stores, and clothing stores only minutes away to buy whatever is needed? Am I grateful? YOU BET I AM! Every day. – Jean R

I am thankful for the brightest, most gifted colleagues, the most responsive suppliers, as well as the most diverse and endearing clients who are in my surroundings. I am thankful for the joy of going to work each day and the pleasure of interacting with so many lovely people, here and abroad. – Josée C

I’m thankful for all the memorable destinations I have been able to experience in my travel consultant career. – Doug F


New Zealand is beyond beautiful.

I’m thankful for my parent’s generosity in giving me the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand for my high school graduation. It awakened my passion for travel and set me on my life course! – Mary A

I am most thankful for the opportunity to slow down and spend time with the most important people in my life, my family. Much like when we travel together and share those experiences we stop and take the time to really appreciate each other. – Liz P

I am thankful my brother braves the crowds and rides Amtrak from New York City every Thanksgiving to visit with me and my two adult children. We enjoy our dinner together but most of all, love our tradition of supporting a local sporting event. We’ve seen University of Richmond football and basketball games, a William and Mary football game and this year something new – VCU basketball. VCU is playing a New York team, Hofstra – so a bit of rivalry on the basketball court and in the stands too! – Liz G

I’m grateful to have a job I love and fantastic clients. – Kim S


Cindi and her Mom

I am thankful for our company to give me the option to work from Buffalo while taking care of my mother. – Cindi B

Thanksgiving was always a big family event growing up in Tennessee with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends getting together. My Mom always kept the tradition going, but in 2006 she was in a rehab facility after a stroke. I received an invitation to join the staff of the facility on Thanksgiving for a noon feast. The unselfish staff voluntarily spent their Thanksgiving Day preparing a turkey dinner for many people, and some even brought their immediate families with them to their place of business to celebrate with people their own families did not know. I am thankful that I had three more Thanksgivings with my Mom, but I will always remember the Thanksgiving of 2006 and how grateful I was that there were so many people who put others first and made it a special day for so many. – SK


Barbi and her husband reunited with an old friend on the Big Island.

I’m grateful for my October trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. We visited resident friends in Kona and had a mini-reunion with classmates from our Youth With A Mission school from when we lived on the Big Island 35 years ago. We had not seen one of the classmates since then! It was wonderful to return to a place we love, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to travel there again! – Barbi P

I’m going through a long-term medical “challenge” right now but I’m lucky because they know what to do and I’m feeling good! – Teresa C

I am thankful for a very special Thanksgiving in 2010 when my daughter Dylan was born! A Thanksgiving I will never forget, my first daughter and my first Thanksgiving meal in the hospital – definitely a memorable one! – Lauren M


Christi and family in Montana

I am thankful for my colleagues that covered for me when I took an unexpected trip to Montana recently when my family came in from literally all over the world (London, Zambia, Alaska) to visit my aunt. As I enjoyed my time with them, I marveled at the beauty of the mountains surrounding Missoula. I was so happy I went and thankful for the gifts given me. – Christi R

I’m so grateful for family and friends who have gotten me through the last year and a half as I’ve dealt with the Chik-virus and the resulting onset of arthritic conditions. By family, of course, I mean my personal family, but also my Covington family. Hip replacement surgery is a success. Couldn’t have made this far without everyone’s support. – Dee Dee W


Tracy and her grandkids

Recently, I ventured to Abingdon, Virginia by myself with my three grandkids, ages 10, 5 and 1 to have the youngest’s 1st birthday picture taken. It was a weekend of many accomplishments with tons of memories, laughter, and so, so much to be thankful for! – Tracy C

I am thankful for all the many worthwhile causes that our Associates at Covington support with both their time and financial resources. Causes such as disease research, food banks, animal care, and the arts that directly help those in need and enrich lives. While Covington certainly isn’t alone in our support of these worthy organizations (I see many of our client companies engaged in similar activities), I am extremely thankful, especially at this time of year, to work for a company whose Associates are so engaged and committed to helping others. – Rob H


Karen being “one of the guys”

I am so thankful I could travel with my brother and nephews to Scotland in October and experience that wonderful country with them. It was such a boys’ trip with fly fishing, pubs, whiskey, and no shopping. I loved every minute. – Karen K

I’m thankful to have three amazing kids who have made it into young adulthood as healthy, happy, productive contributors to their communities. Since we’re now spread across the country, we don’t get to spend every holiday together, but our family bonds stay strong. For that, I’m immeasurably thankful. – Beverly M, a.k.a. Travel Maestro

From all of us at Covington, we wish you many things to be thankful for in your own life. And we’d love to hear what they are. You can tell us in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love all you alls expressions of Thanks and the great pictures. Thanksgiving is my most favorite time of the year too. Tracy Carr your grandchildren are adorable and thank you for all the most fun fabulous trips you’ve arranged for us (Windstar Sail, Tauck Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island, Rocky Mountainteer Gold Dome Calgary to Seattle), Iberian Coastal Passages! Happy Thanksgiving! mary

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