This is Why a Villa Vacation is Practical Luxury

villa vacation

Villa le Bleu Anguilla

Travelers have a ton of options for different styles of lodging. You can stay in everything from an all-inclusive resort to a simple yurt. Each type of accommodation has its advocates, but have you ever considered a villa vacation? You may be surprised at the value a villa brings to your vacation.

Hang Out with the Whole Gang

villa vacation

Villa Whale Watch Way Hawaii’

A villa vacation is perfect for getting away with your extended family or a group of friends because you’ll have plenty of space. Each family unit or couple can have their own bedroom plus communal living space for enjoying togetherness. That means there are quiet spots for babies (and grandpas) to nap, room for active kids to play, and seating for everyone to share a meal together.

Villas come in virtually every size, from one- to 20-bedrooms, so you can spread out as much as you like. A family of four doesn’t have to share one hotel room with two beds. Parents can rest comfortably knowing that the kids are safe in their own room just down the hall.

Enjoy Privacy Like A-List Celebs

villa vacation

Artemesia California

Whether you want a secluded setting for honeymoon romance or a private retreat to reconnect with old friends, a villa vacation lets you frolic undisturbed by the hoi polloi. With your own home away from home, you won’t have to vie for pool chaises, listen to noisy neighbors in the next hotel room, or wait in line for a drink at the bar.

Villas may be in private settings on resort properties, or often they’re stand-alone residences in rural areas. You’re able to enjoy complete seclusion but if you need to stretch your wings during your villa vacation, you can go into town for shopping or dining. Destinations like St. Barths and Lake Como are well-accustomed to famous visitors who don’t want to attract attention, so even in public, you’ll experience courteous discretion.

Save Money and Have an Authentic Experience

villa vacation

Machiavelli Tuscany

While villa vacations are indeed luxurious, they’re often less expensive than comparable resort vacations. To compare, calculate the per person, per night price. For example, a four-bedroom villa that rents for $6,500 per week, divided by eight people, divided by seven nights, comes to $116 per person per night. Assuming double occupancy, that’s a savings of $476 per couple over a $300 per night hotel room for a week.

You’ll also save money on meals if you choose to utilize your villa’s kitchen and cook in occasionally. Shopping at the local market can be fun and enlightening and breakfast on your private terrace is certainly a relaxing way to start the day. Any parent whose child has had a restaurant melt-down knows that feeding kids on vacation can be stressful, but in a villa, you can have a chef come to your residence and cook so you don’t have to make reservations, dress, or transport the family.

Get Resort Amenities with the Comforts of Home

villa vacation

Noble House Jamaica

Just because you stay in a private villa doesn’t mean you have to fend for yourself. Villa vacations can come with full-service staff – a housekeeper, a groundskeeper, and even a butler/concierge. You may have the butler pre-stock the refrigerator or ask your concierge to arrange a dolphin cruise for your party.

Along with comfortable living space and a fully-equipped kitchen, villas may have games and books, movies and digital entertainment, washer, and dryer, as well as the luxury of a private pool and hot tub. And if your villa is on the beach, romantic sea views are free!

Celebrate Achievements with a Villa Vacation

What better way to celebrate one of life’s milestones than with a luxurious villa vacation? You can accommodate all your friends and family under one roof and your private celebrations won’t be interrupted by other guests. A villa vacation can be more economical than a resort and allows you to live like a local. Your vacation residence comes with all the services and perks that make a trip luxurious but also has the conveniences of home. It’s a win/win!

Villa vacations are available throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Southeast Asia, Hawaii, Mexico, and the United States. To find the perfect villa for your next vacation, contact the experts at Covington.

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