With Princess MedallionClass™ it’s Like Being a Celebrity

medallionclassAnyone who has ever vacationed on a cruise comes home wondering if they will be able to adjust to “normal” life without nightly gourmet dining to please their palate, impeccable housekeeping services to clean up after them, and maybe even a personal butler to do, well… anything! But leave it to Princess Cruises to raise the standard even higher. Princess Ocean MedallionClass personalizes your cruise vacation like you never imagined possible using technology to provide experiences that make you feel like one of the privileged few.

The OceanMedallion is the portal to the One Cruise Experience Access Network (OCEAN) technology platform that allows you to access a number of services with ease. It’s a complimentary device the size of a quarter that you can wear as a pendant, on a wristband or slip into a pocket. It acts as your onboard payment and stateroom key – doors securely identify you as you approach and unlock – but the OceanMedallion also “talks” to the ship.

Maximizing Your MedallionClass™ Experiences

The MedallionClass OCEAN technology focuses on your choices and preferences in real time to create a personally customized and hassle-free vacation.

OceanReady™ – This personalization begins at home when you upload your travel documents (i.e., passport, credit card) to your Princess profile. When you arrive at the port, you’ll bypass the check-in lines and start your vacation with a personal check-in process so you can go from curbside to poolside in a breeze.

OceanNow™ – Never wait at a bar onboard again. Now you can just order your drinks on smart devices and have them delivered on demand directly to your pool chaise, entertainment venue or in your stateroom.

OceanCompass™ – Your OceanMedallion lets you talk to the portals located throughout the ships, as well as smart devices, to help you navigate the ship to your next experience. You can also find and chat with friends and family onboard using ShipMates.

OceanCasino™ – You no longer need to physically be in the casino to wager on games. Using a smart device or some portals, you can play slots, bingo, roulette, and more from poolside or anywhere onboard.

MedallionNet™ – Wi-Fi at sea is as fast as on land on Princess Cruises. For an affordable price (currently $9.99 per day, some discounts available) you can stay connected anywhere on the ship, stream music, movies, and sports, and even make voice and video calls back home using WhatsApp or Viber.

PlayOcean™ – Kids of all ages can enjoy playing interactive games and a digital scavenger hunt on smart devices. Your mobile device also acts as a game controller to play games on the giant Movies Under the Stars screen.

JourneyView™ – Available now on the ship portals and coming soon to smart devices, see a list of all the events during your cruise. The next enhancement will allow you to save the activities you want to attend and make your own personal itinerary.

OceanView™ – You can stream award-winning Ocean Original travel shows to your smart device (no charge) or watch on stateroom TVs. Before your cruise, you can watch these programs on ABC and NBC (weekends), Roku, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV.

MedallionClass Fleet expands to five ships by end of 2019

The first ships to have the Princess MedallionClass were Caribbean Princess (Fall 2018) and Regal Princess (February 2019). Three more ships will activate the breakthrough technology this year – Royal Princess (April 2019), Crown Princess (July 2019), and Sky Princess (October 2019). By the end of 2019, all Princess ships sailing in the Caribbean will be MedallionClass ships and Royal Princess will be the first MedallionClass ship on the west coast sailing to Alaska and Mexico.

Princess’ innovative MedallionClass is perfect for those who love to be the first to try out new technology, as well as those who enjoy a tailor-made vacation, specifically customized just for them. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation. To start planning your own personalized cruise on Princess, contact your Covington vacation advisor soon.

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