The Best Style Guide for What to Wear on Cunard

what to wear on CunardCunard’s long legacy of refined and graceful travel reflects a timeless sense of style. The iconic cruise line has carried the famous and well-heeled across the Atlantic and around the globe for nearly 180 years. Given that pedigree, passengers dress accordingly, so we put together a style guide for what to wear on Cunard’s Queens for different events on your voyage. Continue reading to see real-life cruise wear of some Covington advisors.

Queen Mary 2, arguably the most famous ocean liner in the world, and her sister ships, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, are equally elegant. With a sophisticated style and white-gloved crew, a journey on a Cunard Queen is a tasteful experience that calls for a correspondingly stylish cruise wardrobe.

From relaxing days to dazzling nights, here are suggestions for what to wear on a Cunard Queen.

Smart Evening Attire

what to wear on Cunard

Vacation advisor Barbi P models a sophisticated cocktail suit perfect for smart evenings on a Cunard Queen.
Other women’s fashions are from Nordstrom and men’s from Neiman Marcus.

Generally speaking, evening attire on Cunard is more formal than other cruise lines. In the restaurants, men should wear slacks and a sweater or collared shirt with a jacket and an optional tie. Women may enjoy a flowing skirt, cocktail dress or an elegant pantsuit. Travel Maestro tip: Ladies, this is your excuse to treat yourself to a unique piece of jewelry to compliment your outfit.

Even on the Queens, there are times that you may wish to dine and unwind in more relaxed clothing. In the following informal venues, jackets for men are not required and ladies will be comfortable in more casual slacks and a blouse: King Court, Lido Buffet, Golden Lion, Casino, Carinthia Lounge, Winter Garden, Garden Lounge, Yacht Club, and G32. Travel Maestro tip: Shorts, sleeveless t-shirts, swimwear, and sports attire should only be worn in the gym and deck spaces.

Gala Nights

What to wear on Cunard

Vacation advisor Pat F is stunning in her sapphire gown. Other formal wear is from Nieman Marcus.

On every seven-night voyage, Cunard includes two or three special Gala evenings when you are encouraged to pull out all the stops and strut your most glamorous look. Gala nights are an occasion to celebrate! Gentlemen most often don dinner jackets or tuxedos, although dark suits with a tie or bow tie are also acceptable. Elegant cufflinks complete the look. Travel Maestro tip: Don’t forget to shine your shoes to a high polish!

Ladies now is the time to wear that full-length gown, silk cocktail pants or chic evening dress that makes you feel like a red-carpet celebrity. Accessorize with a strappy pair of heels or an elegant flat shoe and a beaded evening bag to match. Travel Maestro tip: Indulge in a sophisticated up-do at the salon that afternoon.

Relaxed Daytime Onboard

what to wear on Cunard

Travel Maestro is ready for a sea day aboard a Cunard Queen!
Other casual women’s wear is from Chicos and men’s from Nordstrom.

During the day, feel free to relax and dress casually. Depending on the weather, men most often wear shorts, khakis or jeans with long or short sleeve shirts. Women might wear a range of outfits from cute dresses, shorts or capris to jeans and a sweater set. Deck shoes or sandals are perfect daytime footwear for everyone. Travel Maestro tip: Jeans are not appropriate after 6:00 pm. Generally, avoid anything too short, too low cut, or too tight and leave that favorite pair of distressed jeans or the torn t-shirt at home this trip.

When sailing on a Cunard Queen, you’ll enjoy impeccable and deferential service. You’ll feel like royalty yourself, so go ahead and look the part by dressing with fashionable panache.

For information on Cunard voyages, contact your vacation advisor at Covington.

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