Should you use a travel agent?

Over the last decade or more, there has been much talk about travel agencies competing with the internet for travel bookings. While purchasing directly from a tour operator, cruise line or airline is certainly an alternative, it is important for a traveler to understand how to best use the different resources, namely their travel professional and the World Wide Web.

Our travel advisors don’t begrudge you using the internet to learn more about a destination any more than they are offended by your trip to the book store or library; on the contrary, travelers who have a good idea of what they want to do and see are in a better position to make the choices necessary to insure a memorable trip.

And choice is exactly why a travel advisor is invaluable. While individual travel suppliers have expertise in their own niche product, they are not consultants and will not recommend their competitors’ products. Tour operators will not assist you, the traveler, in shopping around for the best value. Cruise lines will not suggest another company if their itinerary is not precisely what you want. When you work with a Covington advisor to arrange your trip, you do not lose the expertise of an individual supplier but, instead, gain the entire array of options and possibilities plus the expertise. Our travel professionals have at their disposal long-term relationships with suppliers, peer communities, Virtuoso affiliation, and numerous industry resources to assist you in evaluating which supplier is the best match for your needs.

Another common misconception is that suppliers charge clients more when they book through a travel advisor. Not only do suppliers not charge extra fees, there is no discount for clients if they do not use an agent. And by the way, Covington does not charge any fees for booking escorted tours, cruises, packages, hotels or car rentals.

So go right ahead and learn, study, research – then contact your experienced and knowledgeable Covington advisor to help you arrange the myriad details that turn a good idea into a great trip.



  1. I love this article, brilliantly said. It actually makes our jobs so much easier when a client has done their research and knows where they want to go, how much time they want to spend away, what sort of budget they have. What’s so great for the client is they know this information but they don’t know how to put it all together, and that’s where you come into play. Fabulous article.

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