Your Survival Guide for Travel Delays

travel delaysLet’s be honest about the down side of travel – delays happen. They are created by Mother Nature throwing a fit in the form of fall hurricanes and winter snow storms. Your perfectly timed flight might fall victim to a mechanical delay or a crew scheduling problem. Or maybe the flight is on time, but you’re late (for a good reason, of course), resulting in a five-hour forced penalty box wait for the next connection. Travel delays can happen for all kinds of reasons, but Covington Travel has put together this Survival Guide for Travel Delays to help you weather the wait.

Your Survival Guide for Travel Delays

Stay a Step Ahead of the Pack – If your flight is cancelled, contact your travel advisor immediately. They can quickly give you alternative options and reaccommodate you on a new flight while the rest of the canceled flight’s passengers are standing in line to be helped by a couple of inundated gate agents. If there is an extended delay, your travel agent can secure scarce hotel accommodations or ground transportation.

Fuel Up – Your travel delay might already have you feeling a little cranky, so don’t let a dip in blood sugar tip your attitude toward melt down. Airports across the globe are stepping up their game in food options, so airport dining doesn’t have to mean cellophane-wrapped sandwiches. Travel Maestro tip: I always travel with a water bottle and my own power snacks, as well. Protein-rich Cliff Bars or a trail mix of nuts, fruit and chocolate keep me fueled up anytime I need a quick boost.

Keep Busy – Be sure to pack your carry-on with something to occupy your time during a travel delay. That can be as simple as a single mobile device that you can use to work, read, listen to music, email, surf social media, play games or just chat with friends who aren’t stuck at the airport. Travel Maestro tip: Be sure to prepare before the trip by downloading entertainment and apps that work offline in case you don’t have Wi-Fi access.

Power Up – Since your one or more mobile devices will likely be a major contribution to distracting you from the boredom of a long travel delay, you need to make sure you have the juice to last until you get moving again. Start your trip with a fully charged device and keep a charger accessible. Travel Maestro tip: Because outlets and charging stations are often limited in airports, you might find a rechargeable, wireless power station like mophie a valuable device.

Exercise – Sitting for too long makes blood circulation slow, which in turn causes fluid to accumulate in the legs. Sluggish blood flow sends less oxygen to your brain and can make you feel foggy. Combat that by moving. Many airports have gym facilities onsite or nearby where you can lift weights, take a spin class or stretch out the kinks with yoga. If you don’t pack workout clothes in your carry-on, you can still keep moving: take a walking tour of the terminal or find an open spot to do some stretches. Travel Maestro tip: Try to actively move at least 10 minutes each hour.

We wish you smooth travels always, but in the event you do encounter travel delays, use this survival guide to help time fly when your plane doesn’t.

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