This is How Concur Helps Simplify Your Business Travel

concurCovington is proud to partner with Concur in order to bring your company an online solution for your air, car, hotel, and rail bookings. By managing your own travel bookings through Concur, businesses of all sizes can control costs and contain risks.

Using Concur is easy, and travelers still have the full support of Covington before, during, and after the booking process.

Advantages of self-booking travel arrangements with Concur include:

  • Covington Travel builds a completely customized booking site with your organization’s logo embedded and specific rules programmed to assist in travel policy compliance.
  • You can view airline seat maps before booking your flight and choose your own seat assignments at the time of reservations.
  • You are able to easily access and update your personal profile online.
  • A library of all your current and past trips is available to view at your convenience.
  • You have one-click access to your company’s negotiated rates and discounts on airfare, hotel, and car rental.
  • Users can also access all of Covington’s rates and discounts negotiated on behalf of our travelers.
  • You can book your own air, car, hotel and rail 24/7, with just internet access and an individual log-in.
  • Users may view and apply unused airline ticket credits on file with Covington Travel.
  • Assistants or Travel Arrangers can make travel arrangements on your behalf.
  • Users have access to Covington’s dedicated Online Support Team for assistance with problems or site navigation.
  • Concur provides mobile access via your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, all Concur reservations can be viewed and modified by Covington’s full-service agents and after hours emergency helpline, so you always have access to a human contact to assist you when needed.

Companies which use Concur also pay a lower service fee for those bookings made through the tool. In order to increase user adoption, Covington can provide on-site or WebEx orientation sessions for your travelers.

To learn more about implementing Concur at your organization, please contact for more information.

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