Look on the Bright Side to Improve Your Travel

improve your travelTravel advisors love hearing travel stories – the good and the bad. Getting feedback from travelers is always a learning experience that we can use to advise future travelers. When we hear a client’s positive travel experiences of serendipitous moments and dreams fulfilled, it’s truly gratifying to know that we played a part in making it all happen. If a less than perfect experience occurs, there is often a lesson that you can learn from it. But occasionally someone just can’t seem to see the beauty of the forest for the trees and lets trivial negatives outweigh the overall positives. If you see a bit of yourself in the following examples, we encourage you to look on the bright side and take action to improve your travel.

improve your travelNot everyone spoke English.

“The landscapes were beautiful and we enjoyed the food but everyone didn’t speak English. I thought English was the global language but the language barrier was so frustrating I couldn’t even shop.” Travel Maestro tip: Always learn a few basic phrases in the local language. Good morning, please, and thank you will serve you well. Making an effort shows an interest in the local culture. You may find yourself rewarded with an unexpected human connection, and that’s really what travel is all about.

The coffee was cold.

“Our hotel location was right in the historic district and walking distance to many shops and places of interest. It was nice that breakfast was included but the coffee was cold. I can’t start my day without coffee, so this just spoiled my whole trip.” Travel Maestro tip: Find a way to solve the minor problems so you can enjoy the big stuff. In this case, simply ask the waiter to refresh your cup or visit a nearby café to sip your hot joe as you take in the local ambiance.

improve your travelThe lines were too long.

“We knew that summer was high season in Europe, but the lines for the Vatican Museums were crazy! They really ought to manage the crowds better. We wasted a half day just waiting to get in and didn’t have time to get to the Colosseum.” Travel Maestro tip: To visit wildly popular historical sites, ask your travel advisor to arrange a private guide for you. You’ll not only enjoy insider knowledge but skip-the-line benefits and exclusive access to the sites. Instead of being hot and grumpy, elbowing through the masses, you’ll have time and space to appreciate the historical treasures.

Our gate was changed at the airport.

“Our first flight was on time but when we got to the next airport, the gate for our connection flight changed. We had to walk the whole length of the terminal to get there. I never want to fly that airline again.” Travel Maestro tip: Sometimes unavoidable circumstances happen in airline travel. Be prepared for change and have a plan of action. If you need physical assistance, ask for it on site. If you need to reschedule and there’s a huge line, call your travel agent to “skip the line” and reaccommodate you via their reservation system. A good attitude and mental agility help in travel disruptions.

The weather was too hot.

“My travel advisor warned me that New Orleans is really hot in August. I can’t take heat and humidity, but that was the only time I could go this year. I was so miserable all I could do was lay in my air-conditioned hotel room and I didn’t get to see anything. It was a wasted trip.” Travel Maestro tip: if you have any special conditions that may limit your activities, do a little homework on your destination before you go. Ask your travel advisor for their advice – they are destination experts. Understanding the unique features of your destination will help you enjoy it better.

The moral to these stories is that while a travel experience is sometimes not exactly what you expected, with some creative thinking and a little help from your travel advisor, you can turn most perceived problems into plusses. Look for the bright side in any travel situation and you’re likely to be rewarded with one of those serendipitous stories that you can put in your travel treasure box.

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