Hang Loose at Hawaii’s Thrilling Triple Crown of Surfing

Triple Crown of SurfingIf you’re a Barney or a grommet and try shooting the curl of the mackers off Oahu’s North Shore, you stand a good chance of getting a dirty licking. (Translation: If you’re a novice or young surfer and attempt to surf waves big enough to drive a Mack truck through, you might take a gnarly wipeout.) Instead, plan to watch the pros taking the drop, shredding, and carving their way from the curl to the pit during the Triple Crown of Surfing in Hawaii.

Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing is a series of surf championships that take place from November to December during Oahu’s North Shore’s impressive big wave season. The world’s best professional surfers have competed at this event for 36 years, showcasing the drama and athleticism of their sport. Surf fans can watch the athletes compete for free from the beaches of Oahu’s famed North Shore, known as the Seven-Mile Miracle.

Three Contests of the Triple Crown of Surfing

Triple Crown of SurfingThe first contest of Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing is the Hawaiian Pro held in the town of Haleiwa at Ali’I Beach Park. The surfer who can best handle a multitude of conditions comes out the winner of this competition. Hawaiian Pro 2018 dates: November 12 – 24.

Triple Crown of SurfingThe second stop of the Triple Crown of Surfing is the World Cup of Surfing held in Pupukea at Sunset Beach where some of the biggest waves of the Triple Crown set the scene for masterful maneuvers. Winning points here can make or break pro surfers’ rankings for the next year, so the stakes are as high as the waves. World Cup of Surfing 2018 dates: November 25 – December 6.

Triple Crown of SurfingThe final jewel in the Triple Crown of Surfing is the Billabong Pipe Masters held in Haleiwa at the iconic Banzai Pipeline. The Pipeline, called the best wave on the planet, is dangerous for surfers, thrilling for spectators, and prestigious for champions. Pipe Masters 2018 dates: December 8 – 20.

The Triple Crown of Surfing is a celebration of the surf lifestyle that goes beyond the actual competition. Throughout the six-week series, community events, Vans, and the World Surf League support environmentally and socially conscious activities and programs that are part of the surfing tradition. The event is a great time to hang loose and experience the life of a surfer, even if you’re a shubie (someone who dresses like a surfer but doesn’t surf).

Triple Crown of Surfing

Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) Kirk Lee Aeder

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