How to Make Travel Decisions in Times of Coronavirus

travel decisionsThese are unprecedented times for those of us who love travel. With the coronavirus now labeled as a pandemic, travelers are confused, and travel providers are challenged. Our clients are torn between wanting to go on their long-awaited vacation or necessary business trip and being concerned about their health and travel restrictions. Many of our travel partners, from airlines and cruise lines to hotels and tour operators, have had to reduce capacity and waive cancellation penalties, causing a significant economic burden. It’s very unsettling for everyone.

Covington Travel has always been laser-focused on customer service and helping people travel well. That commitment is just as strong now during this extraordinary situation. Sometimes that means rethinking destinations or postponing trips. Our travel advisors are working tirelessly to help clients understand how travel insurance works and the options they have for making changes to reservations. We can provide information to help you make travel choices, but ultimately, each traveler must make their own decisions about when, where, and how they travel.

As we see the worrisome health statistics mount, it’s essential that we all take useful precautions. But we also need to make calm, rational decisions about travel. In 2018, travel contributed $8.8 trillion and 319 million jobs to the world economy. Travel is the life force of our global society and markets; we can’t let panic over this virus cripple the global economy. We encourage you to make your personal decisions based on facts, so to help we’ve added links to some dependable resources here.

Some of our clients want to wait and see before they change an upcoming vacation. For others who were planning to visit China or Italy, the decision was made for them by flight cancellations or government travel restrictions. Business travel is often dictated by corporate travel policy and some people are taking advantage of lower prices created by excess inventory. Travel Maestro tip: There’s a good chance you’ll see more special deals this spring and summer.

There is no right or wrong answer to travel decisions. We can’t make travel choices for you but know that we are working very hard to provide you with the information and tools needed to make your own decisions. Whether you want to go now or go later, we’re here for you.

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