Here Are Expert Suggestions for Epic Vacations in 2020

epic vacationsIf you’ve got the travel bug, our vacation advisors have plenty of advice on where to go. We’ve personally visited many of the most intriguing, exotic, and remarkable places in the world. We also forge connections with top hotel managers, private guides, and local experts around the globe, so we can craft your epic vacations in 2020.
Of course, one size doesn’t fit all. To that end, here are suggestions from Covington vacation experts for a variety of different travel styles. Which one will be your epic vacation in 2020?

Family Vacations

Hawaii is a laid-back and relaxing vacation for the whole family, whether that means immediate family or multigenerational extended family. There’s natural beauty at every turn, with colorful blossoms, stark lava fields, and miles of pristine beaches. Many resorts have Kids Clubs that keep little ones engaged while parents and grandparents enjoy some adult time. Add in tropical weather, tons of outdoor activities, and unparalleled culture, and you have the perfect destination for your family’s epic vacation in 2020. – Tracy Carr

Romance for Two

French Polynesia

Bora Bora is known for its fabulous overwater bungalows.

A romantic destination needs to set the scene for dreamy days and starry-eyed nights. The idyllic Islands of French Polynesia do just that. You can while away the days in a hammock on the deck of your iconic over-the-water bungalow, or get active snorkeling, surfing, or whale watching. No matter what you do, the exquisite islands will up the romance factor. – Barbi Partlow

No Crowds

Overtourism is becoming a problem in many popular cities but if you want wild, untouristed land, I recommend the Faroe Islands. These remote islands in the North Atlantic are only a quick 1.5-hour flight from Scandinavian airports but light-years away in character and landscape. Dramatic cliffs, amazing waterfalls, and colorful villages, not to mention the Northern Lights, will take your breath away and score high on the epic vacation scale. – Jean Riekers

Emerging Destination

epic vacations

The Ribeira is the heart of Porto.

One of the newest travel hot spots is Portugal, even though it’s a 900-year-old country that played a key role in world history. Its food scene is flourishing. Its wine country is thriving. The Algarve beaches have soft sand and turquoise water. Culture is everywhere, from traditional artisans to stunning architecture to mournful fado music. And if you wish to experience it all from the comfort of a luxury river cruise, several lines have recently debuted itineraries on the Douro River. – Valerie Ambrose

Millennial Interest

Cambodia is an adaptable destination that satisfies the need for adventure and cultural immersion but is also budget-friendly and has enough western influence to not feel too far out of your comfort zone. From the Royal Palace of Phnom Penh to ancient temples of Angkor Wat there are plenty of amazing sites to explore, as well as breathtaking, untouched beaches. – Mary Atkinson

Solo Escapes

epic vacationsItaly is a country that truly has something for everyone and is quite easy to discover on your own. English is widely spoken, and the train system can take you nearly everywhere quickly and comfortably. Art history enthusiasts will find no shortage of museums to contemplate and foodies can hunt for truffles, learn about olive oil, or take a cooking class. Fashionistas will admire the Italian style and hikers can explore Cinque Terre. Italy can be an epic vacation for anyone. – Doug Floyd

Luxurious Adventure

A safari in Botswana, staying in small, intimate camps is definitely an epic vacation for the bucket list. With a small number of rooms or luxurious tents, the personalized service is unequaled. Expert guides will take you on guided wildlife drives in well-managed wildlife conservation reserves, so you see the natural world up close. – Karen Kilyk

Global Favorites

epic vacationsJapan, with its unique mixture of ancient and ultramodern culture, continues to be a global favorite. With the 2020 Olympics being held in Tokyo, it’s an exciting time to experience the capital city’s modern technology, nightlife, and many restaurants. Kyoto, the cultural capital, has a more traditional pace where you will find temples, shrines, gardens, and geishas. – Liz Prom

Eco Travel

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse destinations in the world, thus an epic vacation for eco-travelers. It has volcanoes and hot springs, rain forests and cloud forests, beaches and mountains. You can hike, zip line, surf, raft, ride horses, bird watching, and many other eco-adventures. – Kim Sonderman

To plan your epic vacation for 2020, contact any of our knowledgeable travel advisors.

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